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... Restoring Hair, Youth, and Confidence
Canadian Hair Transplant Centre
Canadian Hair Transplant Centre
York Mills Centre
20 York Mills Rd., Suite 206
Toronto, Ontario, M2P 2C2

Change How You Look AND How You Feel!

Today you don't have to live with hair loss that negatively impacts your looks, makes you look older than you feel and most importantly diminishes your self-confidence. The Canadian Hair Transplant Centre (CHTC) can change all of this with world class hair transplantation techniques that:

Transform your looks

  • Look years younger and
  • More attractive
  • Feel rejuvenated and
  • More confident and happy

A CHTC hair transplant will change more than your looks!

You will take on new personal and professional challenges with a renewed sense of confidence and optimism.

After their hair transplant grew, all CHTC patients said they looked better and younger but most said that the greatest benefit was their improved self-confidence.

Is transplantation a better choice?

Would you agree that hair-pieces broadcast 'unnatural'? Like a hat, they simply conceal baldness but, don't correct it. Did you know that medications do not restore hair that is already lost?

A CHTC hair transplant looks naturally great

A CHTC hair transplant is the most natural and effective way to regain a more youthful and confident appearance. What is more natural than growth of your own hair?

By moving some of your own hair from the back of your head and creatively and artistically placing it in thinning and balding areas, you transform a person's appearance for a lifetime:
  • It's all your own hair so it looks natural and ages naturally.
  • It permanently fills thinning/balding areas
  • If you don't tell anyone, nobody will know you had it done.
  • It will grow the way it always has, for the rest of your life.
No special attention required
  • There is no daily maintenance other than normal grooming.
  • There are no activity limitations.
  • It is your own natural hair, so do with it what you like.

It's as if the clock has been turned back and you resume your 'younger' life's activities. Except this time around, that transplanted hair won't disappear!
No other option can solve your hair loss problem like this:
  • Medications do not grow new hair and can only help support existing hair if used continuously for the rest of your life. Once you stop, hair loss resumes.
  • Hair loss is a function of genetics. No 'scalp cleansers' or other infomercial treatments have ever proven effective in maintaining or restoring hair.
  • Hair pieces are the antithesis of natural. Besides being noticeable, they have activity restrictions and require expensive long term maintenance.
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video (4257 grafts in front and mid scalp)
My hairdresser said "it was the best hair transplant she has ever seen in her 20 year career, it was very natural looking."
Hair Transplant
"Having hair again gave me a second lease on life. It gave me more confidence and got me to go to the gym every day. I have lost 30 lbs." "I have more phone numbers than I know what to do with. Let's face it... the opposite sex like a guy with a full head of hair."
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Video (3012 grafts in front)
Hair Transplant

You could choose to live with your hair loss or shave your head. Most people however, prefer to have hair. Nothing else comes close to hair transplantation for satisfying the reasons why you want to have hair.

Why Choose CHTC?...

Hair Transplant
In the past two decades, hair transplant techniques and equipment have evolved dramatically and CHTC is at the forefront of this evolution. But we all know that in any field, it is not the 'tools' of the trade that separates the good from the great.

It is the vision, the artistry, the attention to detail, the mastery of technique and the unwavering pursuit of perfection that creates excellence.

Here is why having a hair transplant at CHTC will be one of the best decisions you will ever make:

I) Technique Mastery

The CHTC Way:

Most hair transplant centres make the incisions for the grafts first then fill the incisions later. However, the incisions tend to shrink as the day goes on. At CHTC we fill the incision with a graft right after it is created before the incision has time to shrink. This CHTC method allows us to:

  1. Keep the grafts chubbier and the incisions smaller so that we can consistently get excellent growth of the transplanted hair.
  2. It also allows us to work around existing hair without shaving it so that our patients can have an easier cosmetic recovery.
Hair Transplant

Meticulous graft preparation:

To get the best results we need to make the best grafts and to use them artistically and strategically. At CHTC, we exclusively transplant follicular unit grafts because they give the most natural and reliable results.

  • Microscopic dissection to protect each hair
  • Natural hair groupings (follicular units)
  • Chubby grafts for optimum hair growth
Hair Transplant

II) Undetectable Results

Approaching Hairline Perfection

The best transplanted hairline is one that isn't noticed. A natural hairline is not a line at all but is a soft transition from the hairless forehead to the thick hair on your scalp.

Dr. Simmons is a 'hair line' perfectionist, employing his proven techniques of:
  • Irregular pattern of single-haired grafts in front to create a soft transition
  • Denser hair behind the hairline to prevent it from being see-through
  • Appropriate height and shape for now and the future
Hair Transplant

Density and Coverage Balance

At CHTC we optimize the effectiveness of the donor hair to get the maximum cosmetic benefit from each graft and minimize the effect of possible future hair loss in non-transplanted areas.

  • Placing grafts closer together where density is needed
  • Spreading grafts out where coverage is more important
  • Getting the most from every graft according to your hair characteristics
Hair Transplant

Matching Natural Hair Direction

Critical to avoiding an unnatural look is the precise placement of grafts within the natural flow of the hair. Dr. Simmons pin-points your natural hair direction from clues in other scalp areas to determine the direction to transplant hair in bald or thinning areas.

  • Matching your natural hair flow from crown to hairline
  • Following your natural whorls in the crown
Hair Transplant

III) Patient-Unique Design
To create an attractive and natural-looking result, Dr. Simmons will design your hairline to compliment your particular facial features and proportions. He will create a plan that accommodates:

It takes skill, artistry and foresight to provide a patient with a transplant that will make their hair not only look good as soon as it grows in, but will continue to look appropriate during their natural aging process. Look how the strategic placement of the hair has transformed the shape and appearance of these patients:

Hair Transplant
Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant
Hair Transplant

IV) Professionally Acclaimed Experience
Dr. Simmons has been a practicing physician since 1987 and has performed over 4000 hair transplants since 1999. As founder and medical director of the Canadian Hair Transplant Centre in Toronto, he is passionate about using artistic principles and advanced techniques to give every CHTC patient world class transplantation results that reverse the potentially devastating effects of hair loss on one's appearance and self-confidence.

  • Dr. Simmons is a recommended physician in the Hair Transplant Network
  • He is the only recommended physician in Toronto in the Independent Coalition of Hair Restoration Physicians.
  • Dr. Simmons is an active member of The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • He is a Diplomat of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • His CHTC Staff have an average of 12 years of experience
Dr. Cam Simmons
Dr. Cam Simmons

Don't take our word for it ... take the words of our patients.

"The results were far beyond my expectations. After only 8 months, even my barber of 25 years was so impressed... He said it was the best hair transplant he had ever seen, and he has seen many."

"Having hair again gave me a second lease on life. It gave me more confidence and got me to go to the gym every day. I have lost 30 lbs." "I have more phone numbers than I know what to do with. Let's face it... the opposite sex like a guy with a full head of hair."

"I am really happy. Before... the first thing I did was reach for a hat. Now I don't bother with hats."

"I am still not used to having hair. I have to carry a comb for the first time in years!" "My hair stylist is so impressed. She can't believe how natural it looks"

"My hairline looks so natural my friends don't believe I had a hair transplant."

"I just want to thank you and your staff for your wonderful care. You made it very comfortable to handle, physically and mentally. I know you and your staff went out of your way to accommodate my time and situation, and I am forever indebted."

"My hair stylist is amazed-in fact everyone there is. Someone in my office was asking other people if I was dying my hair. He couldn't figure out what was different about me."

"It is awesome. People are trying to figure out what is different about me but they can't put their finger on it."

"First off, I would like to thank you and your staff (Louise, Anna, and Stephanie) for making me feel so much at ease on the day of my transplants. You were all very kind and patient throughout the surgery, making the procedure much more pleasant than I could have imagined. I think I even slept through some of the surgery, which is very surprising for an anxious person like myself."

Is The Thought of Surgery Intimidating?

We understand that you could be a little anxious before the day of your "procedure" because you don't know what to expect.

The CHTC experience

  • You will not be 'put to sleep'. You will be alert all day but be given a mild sedative to help you relax.
  • You will be sitting in a comfortable recliner-like chair. No hospital gurney or intravenous hook-ups.
  • You will be watching a movie, chatting with us, reading a book or maybe listening to your favourite music.
  • You will have breaks to stretch, go to the washroom, and eat lunch.
  • You will not be in pain. We numb your head so you don't feel us working.
  • You will be with us for most of the day. We are perfectionists. Any work of art requires meticulous attention to detail and we will not rush one step to meet a time deadline.
Dr. Simmons Planning
You will be pleasantly surprised !!
It is a fact, that some of our hard-working patients have said it was the most relaxing day they had had in months.

What Does It Cost?

Hair transplantation is the best and most cost-effective solution to hair loss:

Alternatives are a continuous expense that over the long term cost more than a transplant. With a hair transplant, you pay for it once and the results last a lifetime.

CHTC charges nothing extra for providing their world class quality.

At CHTC we have a clear pricing policy and a fixed fee schedule based on numbers of grafts transplanted. Obviously, the more grafts required to meet your goals, the more the procedure costs.

On average a CHTC patient may spend:
  • A man with a receding hairline $4,000 to $6,000
  • A man who is bald in the front $6,000 to $8,000
  • A woman with thinning hair $3,000 to $6,000
  • A woman with a receded hairline $4,000 to $7,000

What do you get for this cost? Look at the transformations on the right.
  • You will not get better results anywhere than you get at CHTC.
  • You will not pay more than "the going competitive rate in Toronto".
  • That's fair and very good value to look better and feel more confident.
Hair Transplant
Results 8 months after $6,200 procedure
Hair Transplant
Results 9 months after $7,200 procedure

What will it cost me?
Every patient is different and needs to be assessed. The number of grafts you require depends on:
  • Hair loss to date
  • Characteristics of hair in the donor area
  • The density and coverage you want

It is very difficult for patients to accurately describe their hair loss in words. Dr. Simmons would therefore need to see you in person or at least see good photos to provide an accurate estimate of graft numbers or hair transplant prices.
Hair Transplant

To make an informed decision that will affect the rest of your life, you owe it to yourself to find out what a transplant could do for you. It would be best to meet Dr. Simmons in a free, no-pressure, friendly consultation for an accurate assessment of your hair loss and to determine the best plan for you to achieve your goals. If that is not possible, you can contact us to start an email consultation.

GUARANTEED Quality and Satisfaction

CHTC's founder and medical director, Dr. Cam Simmons is one of the most trusted and sought-after names in the profession and he has amassed some of the most dedicated and experienced assistants for his transplant team. At CHTC, no compromise is acceptable in achieving excellent results. We are so sure that you will be more than happy with your new look and as confident as you have ever been, that we offer this guarantee:

If after 12 months, the transplanted hair does not meet the expectations that you and Dr. Simmons agreed upon prior to your transplantation procedure, CHTC will perform, at no extra cost to the patient, whatever procedure is required to meet those expectations.

Contact Us

Call Stephanie now for a friendly chat, and to arrange a personal consultation to learn about your options and how hair restoration surgery can help you.
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Canadian Hair Transplant Centre
York Mills Centre
20 York Mills Road, Suite 206
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M2P 2C2